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SENIOR PUPILS TESTS W/B 26/11/18 : NATIONAL H/W DUE 22/11/18 : S3 TESTS W/B 26/11/18 & H/W DUE 28/10/18



All pupils have their Population and Rural Assessment Wednesday w/b 26th November. See below for link to Twitter for list of what to revise.


National and Higher Homework due Friday 23rd November.




S3 Classes Level 4 Urban Assessment w/b 26th November.

S3 Urban homework is due Wednesday 28th November. See S3 section below for copy of homework sheet or Miss Risk for paper copy.







S1 Classes shall have their Level 3 assessment prior to the Christmas holidays.




Please see Twitter for updates on Homework deadlines, assessment dates and revision information. It also celebrates the fantastic work from some of the pupils. If homework sheets are lost please see the appropriate level below for copies.


Miss Risk Twitter




Geography is a diverse subject which looks at the physical features of our planet (e.g. rivers, coasts) and how humans impact on the environment (e.g. rainforest destruction, climate change). It is important that we look after our planet for future generations.


Pupils also learn core skills, which are crucial for almost any career, including communication, working with others, numeracy, ICT and problem solving. In addition, they also learn to develop specific skills such as map reading skills, fieldwork, research for assignments and taking notes form documentary clips.

S1 Geography

Pupils learn about Tourism in Scotland (within the S1 Social Subjects Scotland Unit).

  • Map Skills
  • Landscape features of the Scottish Highlands and how this has influenced the way the land is used
  • The impact of tourism on Scotland and beyond 
  • ICT Project on tourism in a local area

S2 Geography

Pupils learn about:

  • China: the physical and human geography, climate, population and migration and a project
  • Climate: different environments on the planet (e.g. deserts, rainforest, arctic), the impacts humans are having on these and how we can live more sustainably
  • Weather: how it is recorded and why Scottish weather is the way it is
  • Rivers: the processes involved in the different stages of a river and how man uses river landscapes

S3 Geography

Pupils learn about:

  • OS Map Reading
  • Challenges of food production for a globally increasing population and how to reduce the impact on the environment
  • Cities in the developed world (Glasgow) and the developing world (Rio de Janeiro)
  • Computer research on the development of countries (Italy and Brazil)
  • Environmental Hazards: their cause, impacts and solutions including case studies (e.g. Mt St Helens, Kobe, Hurricane Katrina)

S3 Geography Homework

National Geography

In National Geography pupils learn:

Human Environments:

  • Development and Population
  • Urban (Edinburgh and Mumbai)
  • Rural (UK and India)

Global Issues:

  • Climate change
  • Health

Physical Environments:

  • Weather
  • Landscapes (Glaciation and Coasts

There are Revision Resources for Pupils below.

National Geography Homework

Higher Geography

In Higher Geography pupils learn:


Human Environments:

  • Population
  • Rural (Amazon Rainforest)
  • Urban (Edinburgh and Mumbai)

Global Issues:

  • Development and Health
  • Global Climate Change

Physical Environments:

  • Atmopshere
  • Hydrosphere
  • Lithosphere (Glaciation and Coasts)
  • Biosphere

There are Revision Resources for Pupils below.


Higher Geography Homework