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Welcome to Bo'ness Academy


Welcome to the Bo’ness Academy website.  

Hopefully you find this an exciting and vibrant site where you will be able to keep track of everything that is going on in Bo’ness Academy. 



HMIE Follow-up inspection letter published - school delighted with positive feedback - see more in News and Events

Working in Partnership with the Bo'ness Community

The site will be maintained and updated by a small group of staff and young people and is your go to place for news and updates.

Our aim is for everyone associated with Bo’ness Academy to “#BeTheBestYouCanBe” and my expectation is that our website is “#BeTheBestWebsiteItCanBe”  

I look forward to watching it grow and to getting your feedback about any improvements we should make.


Catriona Reid

Head Teacher


Contacting the School

If you need to contact the school about your child our office staff will direct you to their Pastoral Head, (Avon - Mrs K Scherczer, Forth - Mr Latimer and Kinglass - Mr McAlister), or named Support Teacher.  The Pastoral Head or named Support Teacher will get to know your child individually and is always your first point of contact for any concerns or discussions that you might want to have.  These staff also have a teaching obligation, so if they are not instantly available to speak to you, bear with us - they will phone you back.

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